How To Make Turmeric Bombs: An Anti Inflammatory Supplement

It seems these days that natural home remedies are more popular than ever before, and one of the spices that is getting a lot of mention is that of turmeric. Turmeric has been used medicinally for hun ... continued

What does ORGANIC MEAN in Canada in 2016?

When you are browsing through a Canadian grocery store you will come across food labelled organic, but what does it really mean? In multi-ingredient items, the farmer/manufacturer must be able to ... continued

NEW AWESOME APP - You can SCAN your food labels to see how healthy they are.

Having a healthy lifestyle is easy when you know the ins and outs of planning and preparing good food for your family. You might also find yourself being a label reader at the grocery store, and if y ... continued

MONEY Saving Benefits of Organic Meat! Higher PROTEIN, IRON and OMEGA-3 than regular meat .

3 POSITIVE Things You May Not Know About Organic Meat As a nutritionist and researcher it is always difficult to come to final conclusions regarding certain health topics. For some reason it seems ... continued

Times Have Changed! How to Pick Sunscreen in 2016

How to Pick Sunscreen in 2016? It’s amazing how much times have changed. In the 1970’s, people hardly used sunscreens at all because the potential for getting sunburn was much lower than it is tod ... continued

Secret Flavor Ingredients

If you are try your best to live healthy and want to be sure you are not eating toxic foods, this list of Secret Flavor Ingredients will come in handy. These Secret Flavor Ingredients are on even som ... continued

Make Your Own Bugless Bar Solid Lotion

You will want to learn how to Make Your Own Bugless Bar Solid Lotion. This bugless bar solid lotion is a great idea and natural cures idea when you know you are going to be outside and want to be keep ... continued

Do YOU know what Ellen Degeneres, Miley Cyrus and Mike Tyson have in common?

You may be noticing as of late that more people are changing their eating habits and their lifestyles by way of cutting back on their consumption of meat from animals or animal products such as milk, ... continued

What's Cooking?

Plant-centric and animal-free diets are gaining popularity for a number of reasons and North Americans see Vegan and vegetarian diets most vividly among celebrities in the media. Whether or not these ... continued

What...You Don't Eat No Meat?

More and more people around the world realize the benefits of vegetarian food and delicious vegan meals to not only lead healthier lives but to reduce their carbon footprints. PETA (people for the eth ... continued

How to HELP Save Our Planet

With celebrities like Natalie Portman, Woody Harrelson, and Alanis Morrissette going vegan, people are taking much more notice of veganism these days – not just as a dietary choice, but also as an e ... continued

How to Make the Best Salad Dressings for Weight Loss

To lose belly fat you need to avoid low-fat or fat-free salad dressings. Yes, it sounds like the opposite, but low fat and fat free salad dressings from the store are filled with more chemicals than t ... continued

Make Your Own Breath Jar

If you suffer from congestion for any reason, whether it is allergies, a cold, or sensitivity to particles in the air, this web site, One Good thing By Jillee, teaches you how to Make Your Own Breath ... continued

20 Practical Uses for Coca Cola

Coca cola is one of the most beloved, yet actually one of the most harmful things to ingest. Here are 20 Practical Uses for Coca Cola – Proof That Coke Does Not Belong In The Human Body. There are l ... continued

There's a Mystery Ingredient in Your Ice Cream

There's a Mystery Ingredient in Your Ice Cream that you might want to know about. Eating well can sometimes seem like the hardest thing in the world. Should you be vegan and eat nothing but wheat gras ... continued

Here Is Why Mosquitoes Are Biting You More Than Everyone Else

Ever wonder why some people are never bitten by mosquitoes while certain individuals seem to be singled out again and again? Some individuals, that is, like YOU? Well here’s a great article on why ... continued

9 Unique Foods To Fight Off Candida Yeast In The Body Fast

You most likely by now have heard about candida, or know someone who has experienced it or has it, maybe you have experienced it yourself. Here are 9 Unique Foods To Fight Off Candida Yeast In The Bod ... continued

This Video SOLVED my Monday Blues

Kids do the funniest things. In this video, a little girl’s antics in this video SOLVED my Monday blues. Watch this video and see how the music and this little one’s chipper response affect your m ... continued

Here's Why You Want a Cream That Gives You Wrinkles

Yes, you read it right. Here’s why you want a cream that gives you wrinkles. Hard to believe? Well, find out more at the website and see what we mean. We usually want to avoid wrinkles, and work har ... continued

Can Diabetes Be Fixed? (Part 1)

With all the amazing things we can do and change today about our lives and the world around us, we might wonder, can diabetes be fixed (Part 1)? It never hurts to be optimistic, and I have never seen ... continued

Apple and Lemon Juice Detox Recipe

Try this Apple and Lemon Juice Detox Recipe and see how you feel afterwards. Nic and Gen, who blog at this site, are committed to using food to provide their bodies with energy, good health and nutrit ... continued

Is The Paleo Diet Right For Me?

How do you know whether or not is the paleo diet right for me? This diet adheres to the philosophy that we should be eating as early humans did, consuming more natural foods without additives, preserv ... continued

The 6 Pillars of Fat Loss

Here is an article to read on The 6 Pillars of Fat Loss (part1). It may offer you a game plan if you have been thinking that you would like to lose a few pounds, or may be a lot of pounds. Either way, ... continued

Fish To Eat or Not To Eat?

This article talks about should you stop eating fish or make different kinds of choices with respect to fish or take other steps with respect to eating fish. Fish has been a controversial food for som ... continued

9 Ways to Keep Kids Cool In The Car In Summer

It is so important to keep temperatures in the car under control and your little ones cool on those hot summer days when they must be in your vehicle. Here are 9 ways to keep kids cool in the car in s ... continued

Natural Toothpaste for Healing Cavities

We’re hearing a lot these days about the possibility of reversing dental decay with the help of a proper diet combined with natural, “remineralizing” toothpaste. There was a lot of hubbub a few ... continued

The Best Diabetes iPhone and Android Apps of the Year

One of the fantastic advances today is our ability to use our cell phones to connect with information or groups and other sources that can provide us with the information we need on topics that might ... continued

3 Lessons Learned from 70 Years of Love

Now here is an awesome article that gives some wise, and practical advice for people about marriage and partnership. This is a list of 3 Lessons Learned from 70 Years of Love. The author of this artic ... continued

17 Weight Loss Tips You Just Might Like!

It seems that in the society we live in, everyone is always so concerned about their weight and physical appearance. Some weight loss regimes are so strict, but here are 17 Weight Loss Tips You Just M ... continued

Best and Worst Booze While Dieting

Do you know the best and worst booze while dieting to drink? Coming home from a difficult day, or just finishing a difficult day, especially when you are dieting, can be made a lot easier if you have ... continued
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